Android Users

iPhone & iPad Users

Scan the QR code, enter the user name “spyder” and the password “1”

Think of it like SpyderNetwork is the Yellow Pages and Q-See is the app to connect you. If you are loading cams and do not have a second device to scan the QR codes from just select the cam you wish to view, copy the Mac Address/Serial Number and paste it in your Q-See app under “My Device” then use “spyder” as the user and “1” as your password. Save and Log in.

It should be noted that the user name Spyder and password 1 has been restricted to live view only. To take full advantage of the Q-See App you must have your own Q-See Surveillance System. Visit the Become a Broadcaster page to learn more on what SpyderNetwork can do for you.

If you are experiencing difficulty navigating the site or can’t get the camera views please let us know.

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