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Cameras are being relocated to the pool

To view the cams from your PC just open the log in screen above in an Internet Explorer Browser, use the *Serial No “0018AE3BF2BC“, Followed by user name “spyder” and the password “1”

The log in screen will look as follows:Neiw View

* You can simply copy and paste the Mac Address/Serial No. by highlighting it and selecting ctrl/C (To copy) on your keyboard then ctrl/V (To paste).

* To view on your smartphone get the Q-See app then scan the QR code and select “save” to store this cam for future viewing
niangua spyder mac 1
 Mac Address (Server Number): 0018AE3BF2BC
* If you do not have a second device to scan the QR code you can copy and paste the Mac Address onto your Q-See app and use “spyder” for the user name and “1” for your password



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