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SpyderNetwork is a camera system with public access which allows your business to broadcast multiple live video feeds. Each business becoming a SpyderNetwork member will have several live cameras linked to one website making them easy to access and fun. Many lake area businesses already are promoting their web cams on their website but there is no easy way to jump from one location to the next. SpyderNetwork makes it easy! Consider them windows of opportunity to entice potential customers to your location. There are many ways your business can utilize these views to inform potential customers as to what you have to offer. Whether it’s simply showing your patrons enjoying your facility or putting on display all you have to offer such as stages, pools or even parking availability, just know that SpyderNetwork is bringing them to your door. Everyone has a website but most sites are not maintained regularly and unfortunately this deters many sites (even updated ones) from being utilized because of the uncertainty of current information. With SpyderNetwork it’s “Live” so what they see is what is current and by strategic placement of a sign/chalkboard and pointing the camera at it, making updates is as simple as making changes on the sign. Every time someone accesses your business from their smart phone you will get many opportunities to attract them to your location by the views you offer. Remember that almost everyone has a smart phone filled with apps that make their life fun and easy and this app is currently the ONLY one offering “Live Local Cams” in one location. When searching for a place to go each phone could equate to a large group of customers to your business. Leave your website for those that are planning their outing and recognize that those viewing the app are currently out and about window shopping and looking for a reason to stop by.  SpyderNetwork’s website has received several millions of “hits” by followers seeking these cameras to follow and each businesses website and location is also shared on the SpyderNetwork web site. By becoming a broadcaster you are going to be recognized as a business that wants to keep its patrons connected and wants to “show” you have something to offer.

SpyderNetwork is the only source to offer Live Cams in one location making it simple.

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